Meet Member – Paul Wenham

Paul Anthony Wenham has a reputation as the consummate professional with a career showing his wide-ranging skills and abilities.

The catering and hospitality industry has allowed him to show a diverse experience in most senior managerial positions. His skill set range encompasses everything from staff employment and management to hands on catering and the provision of wines and food to suit all tastes.

The impressive list of companies that have enjoyed Paul as an associate include The Royal Commonwealth Society, Kennedy Brookes, The Belfry and Sony Music Entertainment UK.

Today, Paul continues his work in the hospitality sector running his own business – The Art of Entertaining and can show a long list of satisfied users of his comprehensive services.

In today’s world Paul finds time to advise SME’s on their social media presence, and is a Joint Owner of InterAktion who also provide web design and management services. He offers a bespoke book-keeping service to several small to medium sized organisations, with help and assistance on strategy and planning in the ever-changing marketplace.

Paul’s personal life allows him to take an active role in several charities including as a Trustee the Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers of the City of London Charity Fund (a City Livery Company) and Hounslow Phab (a local youth service group).

His long-held position as Chairman of the Royal Commonwealth Society Wine Club allows him to indulge his passion for wine, and to continue to inspire and entertain those that join him on his regular “excursions” around the world of wine.

An appreciation of music, gardening, antiques and entertaining friends make him truly a “man for all seasons”.


VIP Invite to Hounslow Festival of Business

Hounslow Festival of Business takes place at the Hilton Hotel Syon Park next Thursday 8th February.

The Festival of Business offers something for every business, no matter how big or small.

The Festival is FREE TO ATTEND

Please Click Here for a programme for the day and a list of business workshops

Some of the companies exhibiting on the day include:  West London Business, The London Prosecco Company, World Pay, Menzies Accountants, LEXUS Cars, COSTCO, CLAYTON Hotels, Garner & Hancock Solicitors, HSBC, Currie Motors, Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, West Thames College & BNI.



The Victoria Foundation Sports Dinner at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club with F1 Designer Professor Gordon Murray 8th March

Join us for an Evening with Lawrence Dallaglio -8th Feb Richmond Rugby Club

Kathy Lette’s Girls Night Out at the Exchange Theatre Twickenham 9th March 0208 240 2399

Martin Turner ex Wishbone Ash at Patchworks Club 22 March

TRUMPAGEDDON Sell Out Tour 2 Feb 

Three Great Events for your Business

1) Accelerate 2018 – Join Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones, Peter Czapp, founder of the Wow Company, and the England Rugby Women’s team at Twickenham Stadium for this afternoon event on 24 January which focuses on setting goals and measuring business success in 2018!

Event tickets include: •Top tips on performance from the England Rugby Women’s team
•Expert talks on goal setting and measuring success
•Delicious drinks and canapes
•”A private tour of Twickenham Stadium”
Click here to book your place

2) Digital Richmond – Richmond Council invites you to a special event to share their tech ambitions for the borough on 24 February in Twickenham at Clarendon Hall in York House.
Richmond upon Thames is a recognised tech hotbed, with the talent and ambition to shape the borough’s digital future. Key companies in the borough include LogicSpot, Tech 21, NOTHS and PayPal.

This major event will bring together tech businesses and stakeholders to explore key tech trends and issues, showcase the borough’s digital and tech pace-setters and stimulate engagement between entrepreneurs, educators and sector leaders.

If you wish to meet the key businesses in the Tech Sector in Richmond you can book your place here

3) Hounslow Festival of Business – VIP Invite to the event on 8th Feb at the 5 star Hilton Hotel inside Syon Park.

Created to support West London’s vibrant economy the Festival of Business provides businesses of all types and sizes with an opportunity to showcase their products and services, attend a unique opportunity to network and make valuable connections, and get an insight how to grow in 2018.

Click here to see a list of businesses attending the event

January Lunch 2018

Thursday 18th January 2018
 at La Buvette
6 Church Walk. Richmond. TW9 1SN
 12.30pm for 1.00 pm.

“Enthusiasm and Vigour for 2018”

The cost is £27.00 per head for Luncheon with Coffee 

Attendees have an opportunity of winning a £50 Voucher,
to be used at La Buvette, with the compliments of The Patron 

If you are able to attend please reply to 
Sally Higgins at 

and let her have your money on the day.

If you are not already a Member and would like to benefit from receiving the dates for the year and also access to the full circulation list please find attached the relevant membership form.

We do hope you will join us.
Kind regards,
John Hamblin
P.S. Please look at our website for further information and offers see us on



Is it a Cliché or is it because you

Don’t understand or Don’t want to understand

We have all heard the expression

“I don’t know but I know a man that does”

Whether you are looking for new business – a job – a workman or a service there are some fundamental facts.

Many Jobs are never advertised

People prefer to deal with people they know, are recommended and trusted

First of all, networking is the process of meeting people, either through a contact that you initiate, or through an introduction by a third party.

Networking allows you to meet, and establish a relationship with, people who may not have heard of you or your business through any other method.

It’s not:


  Telling the world how great you are

  Something that happens overnight

It is:

Finding common ground

Building mutually beneficial, professional and or social relationships

  Giving, as well as receiving, time and information

A process that takes time

Sometimes new friends or clients are found, sometimes new suppliers, and sometimes new ways of doing things.

This can increase profitability or enhance your life.

All this can be found through networking or socialising with new people.

We all need other people to interact with both in the business community and our domestic community. Whether they are to buy from us, sell to us, or brainstorm with us in order to learn more and progress in our lives.

An essential factor is

 “not what is in it for me” but “what am I willing to give”

  1. We must be willing to build on our relationship-building skills.
  2. We must be great listeners.
  3. We must be willing to give before we receive.
  4. We must get into a networking mode in our minds.
  5. A CONSTANT networking mode.

Through consistent contact with others, you will instinctively start to put “two and two together”.

When you are speaking with someone, your brain will be searching its archives for people, places and things that can help the person you are speaking to.

This is a networking mode.

This is also a networking mind set.

This mind set takes time to cultivate, but once a focus is given to it, you will immediately see how you can help other people while you are listening to them.

That is the first step in getting them to help you.

So networking, like its name says, is WORK.

The process is not called Net-sitting, Net-eating, or Net-standing around waiting to go home.

This process is work and should be done methodically.

The process is also a learned skill. It is not something that we are born knowing how to do. It can be frustrating when you have a goal in mind for your networking functions and are not achieving that goal.

So whether you join a Professional Networking Group, a Social Club, Charity or other Organisation your life is full of opportunities to Network.

“Getting to know people that can help others to help you”

So people who sit alone wondering how to get a trusted plumber, decorator or some other requirement have choices:

Check a Local Directory

Browse the Internet

Ask a Friend or Somebody they know

Have you made the effort to make sure somebody knows you?

New Theatre in Twickenham, London Welsh, The Lensbury Club and Ricardo’s Cellar!

New Theatre in Twickenham, London Welsh, The Lensbury and Ricardo’s Cellar!

A new theatre has just opened in Twickenham right outside Twickenham Train Station and is already delivering sell out performances. Tonight’s performance is by Jeremy Deller, a prominent contemporary artist. In 2016 he devised one of the most ambitious art projects of recent years.   ‘We’re here because we’re here’ which involved 1400 young men appearing on the streets of Britain as WW1 soldiers to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme . In the same year Deller produced Iggy Pop Life Class in New York  a life drawing class with a naked Iggy Pop currently on show at the Royal Academy. Deller’s work has often featured political elements, large events, and  public interaction, often involving a music strain. He won the Turner Prize in 2004 and had a major retrospective at the Hayward Gallery in 2012 and in 2013 represented Britain at the Venice Bienale. This discussion will explore the role of the modern contemporary artist and how Deller conceives of his projects.

Click here for a full list of performances

London Welsh 

Pop down tomorrow at 2pm to watch London Welsh Rugby Team take on Royston in a top of the table contest.
Free entry to the game at Old Deer Park, 187 Kew Road, a short walk from Richmond Train Station.

Click here for a full list of fixtures

The Lensbury Club

The Lensbury is now one of the regions best venues for parties and business events. The staff are great and the Lensbury has won numerous awards over the last few years.

Click here for a video of the venue


Seasonal Wine Tasting – XMAS Edition. Friday DEC 8th from 3pm to 8pm. Wine, Beer & Cheese Perfectly Matched. £10 To Book Email: CONTACT@RICARDOSCELLAR.COM Or at the CELLAR, 44-45 CHURCH STREET, TW1 3NT

Click here for a list of tasting

Christmas Luncheon 2017 – Thursday 23rd November 2017


The Lunch Club met for its last time for 2017 as usual at La Buvette for its traditional Christmas Fun Lunch. In the Chair was Member Peter Hay of Perry Hay & Co.  Raffle Prizes – Gifts and Joviality ensued for a gathered throng and full house attendance. La Buvette provided our Traditional Fare for this occasion.

Thanks were extended to Richard from Feltons who not only provided Calendar Mouse Mats but also sponsored the event.

Thanks were also extended to Bruce for his usual generous donation of the £50.00 Meal Voucher.

We start 2018 on Thursday 18th January 2018 so make a note in your diary

Wishing all a Happy and Healthy Christmas and Good Wishes for a Busy and Prosperous 2018



The top 3 B2B social media platforms to maximise lead generation

They say content is king, but can content rule if it’s on the wrong platform and shared with the wrong audience? Here, Jamie Kightley, Head of iBAengage at IBA International, discusses the three most important social media platforms for B2B lead generation and how the right platform can help maximise your marketing efforts.

Jack of all trades, master of none

There are countless social media websites now that claim to be hugely beneficial for businesses. Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest can work wonders for B2Cs looking to promote their brand, but for B2Bs it’s all about finding and cultivating those all-important leads. Choosing the right social media platform to deliver this message is the perfect start in order to achieve this.

Social media is one of the most popular B2B content marketing strategy used by businesses, albeit to varying degrees of effectiveness – only 13% of companies describe their lead generation as very successful. The average B2B company is on six social platforms in the hope that a wider net can catch more fish, or prospects in this case. But focusing on too many platforms can have a detrimental effect on B2B social media strategies, stretching the resources of your team.

Below I’ve listed the three social media platforms you should focus on in order to improve your marketing efforts, engage with relevant prospects and improve lead generation.

Click for more