The top 3 B2B social media platforms to maximise lead generation

They say content is king, but can content rule if it’s on the wrong platform and shared with the wrong audience? Here, Jamie Kightley, Head of iBAengage at IBA International, discusses the three most important social media platforms for B2B lead generation and how the right platform can help maximise your marketing efforts.

Jack of all trades, master of none

There are countless social media websites now that claim to be hugely beneficial for businesses. Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest can work wonders for B2Cs looking to promote their brand, but for B2Bs it’s all about finding and cultivating those all-important leads. Choosing the right social media platform to deliver this message is the perfect start in order to achieve this.

Social media is one of the most popular B2B content marketing strategy used by businesses, albeit to varying degrees of effectiveness – only 13% of companies describe their lead generation as very successful. The average B2B company is on six social platforms in the hope that a wider net can catch more fish, or prospects in this case. But focusing on too many platforms can have a detrimental effect on B2B social media strategies, stretching the resources of your team.

Below I’ve listed the three social media platforms you should focus on in order to improve your marketing efforts, engage with relevant prospects and improve lead generation.

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